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Taxidermy Supplies


Wall Mount Turkey Bases

This bases is totally new concept for turkey taxidermy. This base will decrease the amount of time to mount a turkey and will also increase the quality of your mount. How can a base do that> Generally in the mounting process we find that most turkeys have one side that is in better condition than the other (missing feathers, split feathers due to shot, etc) With the Wall Mount Turkey Base we can pose the turkey so that the damaged side is towards the wall while the best side is seen by your client and the public. The bird will be groomed on both sides, but more time can be spent on the show side. With this approach the base decreases time in mounting, but also increase the quality of the mount.

Large Mammal Base

This is our largest base that we offer. It is textured, and is dark brown in color. To finish out the base, simply hot glue leaves, sheet moss, acorns or other habitat materials to the base. The base measures 18x40 inches. It has a 2x10 recessed one inch. The 2x10 is 31 inches long. This base would be excellent for a coyote, large bobcat, t, two turkey, etc

Small & Medium Turkey/Mammal Bases

These basses feature a 2x8 board which is 16 inches long. The base dimensions are 14x22 for the small base and 13x25 for the medium base. They are made in four different colors Dark Earth Brown, Medium Earth Brown, Red Clay and Desert Sand.

Large Turkey and Mammal Bases

This base is one of the best products we have developed. It features a 2x8 board which is 18 inches long. Under the 2x8 is a 1 inch void that allows the wire to be bent over and secured without any additional work or routering. It is designed to mount the turkey on as soon as the incision is sewn up. The habitat can be added as soon as the turkey is completely dry. They are made in four different colors to simulate different soil conditions. The colors are Medium Earthbound, Red Clay, Desert Sand and Sark Earth Brown. THe earthbrown is deisgned for senes which depict poort soils. The desert sand is designed for very poor soil conditions or desert conditions. Habitat materals are hot glued directly to it. THe generaly consists of hardwood leaves, flat moss, tree bark and an artifical mushroom. THis usually takes about 20 minutes. Since the turkey is mounted directly to the base during the process, and habitat material is simply hot glued to the base. It makes tha base a real time saver ans money maker. THis base ca used to mammals, such as bobcats, foxes, a par of geese and more. THe base is 15x31 inches in dimension.

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